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Michigan HR Day Agenda

Keynote 8:45 AM 10:00 AM Innovating and Accelerating to the Future of HR Transformation How is your organization positioned for change? The business world is seeing more change than ever before. Are HR professionals ready for this change? Join WTW’s thought leader as we discuss what the pressing change agents are and what organizations can do to respond. It will be a fast paced discussion, so come prepared. Shekar NV (Nalle Pilli Venkateswara) Senior Director, Work & Rewards  Shekar Nalle Pilli Venkateswara (Shekar NV), is the Global Practice leader for the Workforce Transformation area that includes WTW’s Future of Work, Organizational design & effectiveness and Workforce Analytics & Planning. He is widely recognized as an industry leader in the field of Strategic Workforce Planning and the new discipline of Talent Analytics, where he harenesses the power of big data and advanced analytics to shift an organization’s approach to talent analytics from being reactive to more proactive and predictive. He has 20+ years of experience in setting up workforce planning processes, workforce analytics strategy and leading advanced analytics projects. Prior to joining WTW, he has worked with executive team members at several of the world’s most prestigious companies like Capital One, HP, Marriott and Accenture.He is also on the Board of Directors for the HR Leadership Forum, DC chapter and chairs the Membership Committee. 1.25
1A 10:25 AM 11:40 AM 39 Forever – the secrets to staying young (or at least feeling young) and getting ready for 40 and beyond. WTW’s research finds a significant connection between wellbeing and work. As we age are we positioned to be physically, financially, emotionally, and socially well? We will discuss tactics that organizations can put in place to help the aging workforce Beth Lieberman is the Michigan Market Leader and Beth Stewart is Director, Health, Equity & Wellbeing 1.25
2A 10:25 AM 11:40 AM GEN A.I. for HR Join us for an engaging interactive session led by Alex Zea, a Gen AI expert, as she guides HR leaders through practical HR use cases leveraging the power of Generative AI. In this workshop, we'll dive into the latest tools and technologies that are revolutionizing HR practices. You'll gain valuable insights on how to effectively utilize these tools to streamline processes, amplify the work your HR team is doing, and improve workforce experience. Get ready to explore real-world applications and walk away with actionable strategies to incorporate Gen AI into your HR toolkit.  Alex Zea is the HR Transformation Solutions & Innovation Leader for the US&C. In her role, she is responsible for driving innovation and growth at Mercer to ensure our clients thrive in a rapidly changing word. Alex has dedicated her career to helping organizations successfully transform HR.She joined Mercer through the acquisition of Leapgen, where she led efforts to develop and operationalize the Digital Transformation practice and led transformations at several multinational enterprises including Avery Dennison, Kohler and lululemon.  1.25
3A 10:25 AM 11:40 AM Engage, Develop and Retain your employees using a Data Driven Approach Demonstrate how to use assessments as supporting tools along with a structured career coaching process to transform your workforce development and succession planning initiatives.  We will do this by showing how the process of Engage, Develop and Retain can have a direct impact on engaging employees, providing growth and development in areas that are needed and retaining talent within an organization.     Julie McFarland has been a leader in the Talent Acquisition space by focusing on leading successful, efficient, and legal selection and hiring processes for Talent Acquisition Professionals.   She has a bachelor’s degree in communications from Capital University, Columbus, Ohio. Liz VanDiepenbos has over 25 years working in human resources as a Talent Acquisition Specialist, Recruiter, Staffing and Retention Coordinator, and Sourcing Specialist. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Administration and Management from LaRoche University in Pittsburgh, PA, and has her SHRM SCP Rachel Cleveland – Holton has worked with evidence-based selection systems for the last ten years. Since its launch in 2018, Rachel served as project manager and subject matter expert for the HireReach initiative. Rachel graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of South Florida with a BA in Psychology.   1.25
4A 10:25 AM 11:40 AM A no nonsense guide to Corporate Recruiting Reality Dive into the rebellious realm of talent acquisition with Tim Sackett, the maverick author of The Talent Fix, Vol 2. Buckle up for a wild ride as Sackett unleashes a decade of real insights ripped from the unfiltered trenches of surveying CEOs and leadership teams. In a world where CEOs chant the mantra of "We only hire top talent!" Sackett will expose the harsh truth, slicing through the corporate smoke and mirrors that blindside recruiting teams. Tim Sackett , 25+ years of corporate HR and TA experience, currently owns and runs technical staffing firm that hires over 500 people a year. Wrote two SHRM published books on Talent Acquisition and HR Executive named him in a Top Global TA Influencer in 2023. Tim is also a Senior Faculty member at the Josh Bersin Academy.  1.25
5A 10:25 AM 11:40 AM How to manage conflict effectively What makes workplace conflict negative or positive is the way in which it is handled. This presentation approaches conflict as a productive, healthy, and necessary aspect of workplace interactions.  Participants will gain self-awareness about different conflict styles and examine which styles are most effective in specific situations.  Participants will also examine a model for planning a productive and healthy conflict conversation.  Joe LaDuke is VP of Coaching and Consulting Services at Dion Leadership, a leadership and organizational development consultancy based in Michigan.  Joe’s twenty years of coaching, consulting, and facilitative experience covers a broad terrain of industries, and he has worked with all levels of leadership across a diverse spectrum of Fortune 100 companies in the public and private sector.  Joe holds a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Michigan and Professional Coaching Certifications through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Co-Active Training Institute (CTI).  Joe is also an avid martial artist and enjoys integrating his 20 years of experience into his leadership development philosophy. 1.25
6A 10:25 AM 11:40 AM Wake Up HR! It's time to get Curious! As we navigate the complexities of the talent landscape and employment experience, are we in HR helping or hindering learning, innovation, and exploration of ideas when we fail to be curious? In this session, Tina-Marie will explore the concept of radical curiosity and five key areas where leveraging curiosity as a skillset and asset how HR can leverage it to impact organizational growth and success. Exploring the concept of Radical Curiosity and how it is reshaping HR and the future workforce. Reimagining the actions of HR and the People Experience:  Engaging the Workforce of 2030, today. The How:  Implementing curiosity focused HR processes in five areas to which HR has influence.  Tina Marie Wohlfield is the Chief People Strategist at TIMAWO (pronounced tee-ma-woe) and founder of the HRUnite! community; a professional networking group to support and advance the HR profession through impactful professional relationships. Tina Marie received her MBA with a concentration in Human Resources Management from Walsh College. In addition to holding both the SHRM-SCP and SPHR; she is a Neuroscience-based coach with a Certification in Applied Neuroscience by Key Change Institute (KCI). 1.25
7A 10:25 AM 11:40 AM The Occupational Athlete What defines an Occupational Athlete:  Goal:  Explore the characteristics and traits that define an occupational athlete, emphasizing the unique challenges and skills required in various professions. b. Cultivating the Ideal Occupational Athlete:Goal:  Discuss strategies for fostering a culture that nurtures the development of ideal occupational athletes. Address aspects such as mindset, resilience, adaptability, and continuous learning, emphasizing their importance in enhancing individual and team performance. c. Strategies to Support Your Occupational Athlete:Provide practical strategies and tools for supporting and empowering occupational athletes within the workplace. Cover areas such as safety programs, wellness initiatives, and mentorship opportunities, aiming to enhance overall well-being and safety. SARA ARMSTRONG SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, WELLNESS Sara joined the Kapnick Insurance team back in 2017, bringing with her a wealth of experience in the wellness industry spanning over 20 years. Throughout her career, Sara has gained diverse expertise in various aspects of health promotion, such as developing, designing, and implementing wellness programs, providing health coaching, and driving business development.AMY DEKEYSER SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, RISK SOLUTIONS Amy joined Kapnick Insurance Group in 2003 as a Client Service Representative. She quickly moved up the ranks to Claims Advocate. In 2007, she became the Risk Solutions Manager and was named Vice President, Risk Solutions in 2018.  1.25
1B 1:00 PM 2:15 PM Optimizing your organization’s dollars Budget management remains a high priority - learn techniques to make the most of what you have, and discuss the latest in employee communications to make sure employees appreciate how that money is spent Jerry Konal is a Senior Director in the health and benefits business in Willis Towers Watson’s Southfield and Detroit offices. He joined the health and benefits practice in June 2017 with extensive experience in all facets of health care services delivery.  Phil Fritts leads WTW’s Employee Experience line of business in Michigan, Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. In addition to 20 years of consulting experience, he has held positions in corporate finance and corporate benefits for a Fortune Global 500 company. Before joining WTW’s Employee Experience practice, Phil spent eight years as a senior Health & Benefits consultant in WTW’s Southfield, Michigan, office 1.25
2B 1:00 PM 2:15 PM How to drive retention by creating a high performing and positive work culture 6 Actionable Steps to Retain, Motivate and Empower Your Team Members 1. Define the organizational Purpose, 2 Connect Individual Goals to the Big Picture, 3 Communicate the Impact of Their Work, 4. Align Recognition Programs with Purpose, 5. Encourage Social Impact Initiatives, 6. Regularly Reinforce the Organizational Purpose    Francy Lucido is Co – Founder and President of Michigan Staffing and Aspen Search Group, sister companies in their third decade of successful operation providing talent to companies in Metro Detroit and select cities throughout the US. As a visionary entrepreneur and a driving force, she has led her companies to over 20 million in sales. Francy is recognized for her commitment to building relationships, problem solving, fostering talent and driving a high performance and positive work culture. With a Masters in Human Resources and Labor Relations from Michigan State University, Francy is the leader of her businesses’ workplace culture demonstrated by being a 2 time Winner as a Best and Brightest Company to Work For in Metro Detroit for 2022 and 2023, a Best and Brightest Company to Work For in the Nation in 2023 and the Recipient of the Crain’s HR Excellence Award for Recruitment in 2023.  1.25
3B 1:00 PM 2:15 PM Reslient Together: Nurturing a supportive culture in challenging times Psychologists define resilience as the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, or significant sources of stress.  Issues such as global unrest, relationship problems, health issues, and workplace and financial instability have become an influential part of daily living for so many, impacting the wellbeing and psychological safety of the humans we employ and interact with each day.   Rather than retreat and ignore this reality, organizations who take seriously the responsibility of enabling team member wellbeing are taking action to provide an intentional culture of support. The impact of these efforts is a win-win extending beyond improved individual resilience to improving organizational resilience factors such as job satisfaction, work happiness, organizational commitment and employee engagement. Attend this session to learn practical strategies that foster resilience and enhance employee engagement and productivity during tense times.  Susan Morgan Bailey SHRM-SCP, SPHR, BS Education, MS Health Promotion, frequent speaker and conference presenter, Certified CultureTalk™ Parter 1.25
4B 1:00 PM 2:15 PM Building a culture of inclusion through collaborative practices Collaboration is essential in today’s business context.  It allows goals and projects to come together, rather than splinter apart.  It brings clarity, boosts productivity, generates new ideas, and makes it easier to achieve team goals.  It’s the core of learning, creative thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making.  Explore the purpose of inclusion and highlight the importance of purposeful activities to creating a culture of inclusion, Identify mixed results of bias’ based initiatives, Introduce a skill-based approach to develop individual and collective capabilities of inclusion Becky Andree, PhD Master’s Degree in Human and Organizational Systems – Fielding Graduate University PhD Candidate in Human and Organizational Development – Fielding Graduate University DisruptHR Speaker ATD 2020 International Conference Speaker SHRM – local chapters speaker ATD – local chapters speaker MISHRM 2019, 2020, and 2023 speaker Michigan HR Day 2019, 2020, and 2023 Speaker 1.25
5B 1:00 PM 2:15 PM Strength - Based Performance Conversation Introduce the five types of performance conversations.  Learn best practices for effectively discussing performance.  Discuss how to both celebrate and be accountable to performance.  Learn how to set SMART, aligned goals.  Practice having a performance conversation Chris Dotson, President Greater Ann Arbor SHRM, MS HR and Organizational Development, Gallup-Certified Strength Coach, Workplace Big Five Advanced Team Building Certified, LEA 360 Assessment Certified, Everything DiSC Certified 1.25
6B 1:00 PM 2:15 PM Elavating Team Performance - Strategies for a changing Work Landscape In the fast-paced world of HR, you are constantly juggling multiple goals to draw in top-tier talent while ensuring they stick around. Modern employees crave more than just a job—they yearn for flexibility, avenues for growth, and genuine recognition. Beyond the surface, there's a profound need for nurturing mental well-being. This requires tailoring the work experience to cater to each person's unique needs. Join Keri McCarthy as she unveils actionable strategies to empower your workforce with flexibility, clear career paths, acknowledgment, and enhanced mental wellness. Keri serves as the Business Lead of Talent Solutions at DISHER, a nationally ranked talent solutions, engineering, and manufacturing technology firm based in Zeeland, Michigan. She brings over 35 years of experience in talent recruitment and management, HR process and strategy consulting, talent branding, leadership coaching, and organizational development. Keri has worked with numerous organizations in a variety of industries helping them acquire, develop, and engage team members for stronger, long-term outcomes. Keri is a member of SHRM, AHRM, and ASE. She has spoken at Disrupt HR, Michigan HR Day, Indiana Annual HR Conference, and several regional chamber, business, and manufacturing events.  1.25
7B 1:00 PM 2:15 PM HR Leadership Secrets from a Podcast Junkie Benefits of listening to podcasts (knowledge, storytelling, etc.. Presentation broke up by people orientation (HR), leadership, as well as planning for the future as an HR professional. Presentation includes some audio/visual as well as an exchange with the audience regarding recommended podcasts, etc. Program ends with recommendations on choosing podcasts as well as some recommended podcasts for HR professionals and other leaders. Tom Daniels- Master of Organization Development degree from Bowling Green State University. I have spoken at multiple State SHRM conferences including: Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin (twice), as well as multiple SHRM chapters in Ohio and Michigan. 1.25
Closing Speaker 2:40 PM 3:55 PM How to be Prepared to Audit Processes and Implement Change Based on 2024 Legal Updates James Reid will discuss Legislative and NLRB updates. Additionally, he will cover trends to watch for and help you prepare for the future of work.  James Reid is a labor and employment attorney who counsels business owners, entrepreneurs, C-suite executives, in-house counsel, and human resources directors to make strategic business decisions, from hiring to firing, while complying with the ever changing and overlapping laws, including the ADEA, FLSA, FMLA, NLRA, and Title VII. He brings a business focused and proactive approach to legal matters to help employers make strategic business decisions to minimize the potential for litigation and business disruption. 1.25